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1 a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given
2 money received from the state [syn: pogy, pogey]

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  1. To distribute in small amounts; to share out, small portions of a meagre resource.


  1. money or other goods given as charity
  2. In the context of "British|slang": payment by the state to the unemployed
    I get my dole paid twice a week.
    I’ve been on the dole for two years now.
  3. sorrow or grief; dolour






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accord, ace, adjunct, administer, administration, adversity, affliction, afford, aid, alimony, allocate, allocation, allot, allotment, allow, allowance, alms, alms fee, anguish, annuity, apportion, apportionment, assistance, atom, award, benefit, bestow, bestow on, big end, bigger half, bit, bite, bounty, budget, care, charity, chunk, collection, commission, communicate, compensation, component, confer, contingent, contretemps, contribution, cross section, cut, dab, deal, deal out, depletion allowance, destiny, detachment, detail, disbursal, disburse, disbursement, dish out, dispensation, dispense, disperse, dispersion, disposal, dispose, disposition, distribute, distribution, dividend, division, dole out, doling, doling out, donate, donation, donative, dot, dram, dribble, driblet, dwarf, end, equal share, extend, farthing, fate, fellowship, financial assistance, fleck, flyspeck, fork out, fraction, fragment, gift, gift with, give, give freely, give out, giving out, gobbet, grain, grant, grant-in-aid, granule, gratuity, grief, groat, guaranteed annual income, hair, half, half rations, halver, hand out, hand-out, handful, handout, heap, heartache, heartbreak, help, help to, helping, impart, installment, interest, iota, issuance, issue, item, jot, largesse, lavish, let have, little, little bit, lot, measure, measure out, meed, mere subsistence, mess, mete, mete out, minim, minimum, minutiae, mischance, mishap, mite, modicum, moiety, molecule, mote, nutshell, offer, offering, offertory, old-age insurance, ounce, parcel, parcel out, part, particle, particular, pass around, passing around, pay out, paying out, pebble, pecuniary aid, pension, percentage, piece, pinch, pittance, point, portion, portion out, pour, present, price support, proffer, proportion, public assistance, public welfare, quadrant, quantum, quarter, quota, rain, rake-off, random sample, ration, regret, relief, remainder, render, retirement benefits, rue, sample, sampling, scholarship, scrimption, scruple, section, sector, segment, serve, share, share out, shell out, short allowance, short commons, shower, slice, slip, small share, smidgen, smitch, snow, speck, spoon out, spoonful, spot, stake, starvation wages, stipend, stock, subdivision, subgroup, subscription, subsidization, subsidy, subspecies, subvention, support, tax benefit, tender, thimbleful, tiny bit, tithe, tittle, tragedy, trifling amount, trivia, votive offering, vouchsafe, welfare, welfare aid, welfare payments, whit, woe, yield
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